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Artist Alley Portfolio

Welcome to my page!

Here are examples of merch I sell at Artist Alley tables. Everything here has been drawn by me.

A lot of my merch focuses on monsters, beasts and villains from various video games and other pop culture!
All of my merch can be found on my Etsy shop.

I sell acrylic charms, prints, stickers, enamel pins and more. I am working adding more prints to my variety of merch.

This page is under construction & a work in progress.

Acrylic Charms

I sell a wide variety of acrylic charms. These are just a few examples.

PKMN charms.jpg
ST charm.jpg


All stickers are made with high-quality waterproof matte vinyl. Not all designs are shown here.

SF sticker.jpg
HL stickers.jpg

Misc Merch

I do various other types of merch, including standees, pins, mousepads and more.

MM pins.jpg

Other Art

These are examples of other artwork I have done, not necessarily merch related.

This is a piece I did for ArtFight in 2022.

This is a current WIP! In the sketchy, figuring out colors stage.

This is another WIP! Working on filling in base colors and finishing linework.

This is a commission I did a while back, but I still dig it.

Art I did of Dingodile.. I fell in love with his redesign!

Table Setup

table 23.jpg

This is my current table set-up. It may change as I try to find the best display for my merch.

Currently working on an entire upgrade for it!

About me


My name is Jack Whitney, but I go by Jack Skinner, or Rev. I am a proud LGBTQ+ artist!

Right now I work part time, and I work on art and merch on the side. I really love to draw and connect with others, so I am slowly working on putting myself out there.

My main focus in my art is on creatures, beasts or villains- they are always the most fun and interesting to me.

I am mostly self-taught, and I am always looking for ways to improve my art.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions on my Instagram or Twitter. Or you can even email me at

Thank you for your time! :)

Past Conventions

Gem State Comic Con 2022

Gem State Gaming Con 2022

Gem State Comic Con 2023

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